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The revolutionary Blogging Your Way e-course was set up in 2009 by uber blogger Holly Becker of decor8 and has shown the way to literally thousands of students world-wide to producing creative, incitive and meaningful blogs. Primarily aimed at bloggers with a creative stance, the 4 week self-paced course is literally jam-packed with on-line tutorials, downloads, industry links and stunning visuals to inspire and encourage the creative in you. Working alongside Holly is Leslie Shewring, photographer and stylist of a creative mint, providing inspirational photographic and styling advice and Holly's husband Thorsten Becker of alternatewords offering his technical expertise. Bloggers from all walks of life, with themes ranging from lifestyle, family, interiors, food and photograpy, have all taken part in the course. What this trio doesn't know about the industry probalby isn't worth knowing. It's fun, educational, inspirational-go try it for yourself- BYW part 2 classes commence April 2012.

Here are some shots of inspiration boards I put together to encapsulate everything I hope my blog will be. The boards are simply a collection of items from my home studio:
Paint charts in association with English Heritage, from The Little Greene Paint Company.
Down Pipe grey emulsion from the Farrow & Ball.
Hummingbirds wallpaper and Papilio vinyl wallpaper, both Cole & Son.
Tabia fabric, col 31, Malabar.

 Blogging Your Way Moodboards trend daily
Ideas, inspiration, paints, wallpapers and fabrics. Contemporary and vintage, colour and monotone, pictures from my phone-anything that catches my eye to make a story. Dedicated to the team at BYW, my new friends from the International blogging community and the fabulous group of ladies in the London Blogging Group!

Blogging Your Way Moodboards trend daily

blogging your way moodboards trend daily

blogging your way moodboards trend-daily

blogging your way moodboards trend daily
Vintage postcards, thread, stamps and fob watch from Dad's memory tin.
All stationey and haberdashery accessories from a selection at John Lewis.

blogging your way moodboards trend daily
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  1. Oh wow, this is now working...

    Great post and welcome to your first blogging expedition. How did you like it? Did it take lots of time? Did you have fun?

    Well done. Now, don't leave it too long, will you? x

  2. Hello! Loving your vintage moodboards and will be checking in on a regular basis!

    1. Thanks so much Toni! Attempting another post now!!

  3. Congratulations on your new spangly blog. I look forward to your (daily?) trend reports and many more lovely mood

  4. Love your moodboard - particularly the tags and the feathers!

    Look forward to reading more dailys x


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