Sunday, 29 July 2012

Variation on a theme...

A study in White

 Before part 2 of passion fruit and letter presses, 
I thought I'd take a few lighter shots.
 I've been practising a lot with darker, textured surfaces and backgrounds.
 Now it's time to try and learn about white and light!
Some shots are with Evie's IPod and Instagram.
 Have a great Olympic week! x  

Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Behind The Scenes-Styling Details

Passion fruit and letter press...

When I'm cooking, I think I'm not too bad
 at tidying up after myself. In my tiny study, however, it's
 a very different story. I took a few shots of the
 passion fruit we picked up from the farm shop last week
 and bit by bit, my little room got messier and messier...
 I've tagged the pictures onto the end of this post.
 Anyone else work in as much mess as me?!
 Enjoy this week's sun whilst it's here! x 

And here's the little sneak peak behind the scenes! 
Maybe next time I'll have some pictures 
of the study all tidied up!

Sunday, 22 July 2012

A Visit To...Art In Action

Art In Action, Waterperry Gardens

Today we spent the most FANTASTIC day at Art In Action
I couldn't recommend it highly enough
 for the very best in homegrown arts and crafts the UK has to offer.
 From needle felting, pottery throwing, batik and jewelry making,
 to pole lathe turning, intaglio and relief etching,
 silk painting and marbling to name just a few.    

You can watch, join in with free activities and mini workshops,
 or book as many practical classes as you wish.
 Children are encouraged to touch, 
feel and even hold
 the objects on display, whilst watching the artists at work.
 One day just isn't enough to see everything
 and it would rude not to end the day with
 a wood fired pizza and glass of Pimms on the lawn,
 so we did-hooray for sunshine!!

All pictures were taken with Evie's I Pod and I'd like to thank the following artists for allowing me to do so, as well as those who took the inspiring classes:
-acrylics on canvas masterclass
-pottery wheel masterclass

Art In Action is held annually at Waterperry Gardens, Oxfordshire.

Monday, 16 July 2012

Styling Details...

On a rusty surface...part 2

These are the last of the shots taken
 of the flowers from Rachael's garden next door. Enjoy!

Saturday, 14 July 2012

An Interview with....

Chairs And Skyscrapers

Being partial to the odd piece of mid century furniture in our home,
 I was intrigued by some of the props used in the
 photography for the Scion press launch
 back in March. Today, I'm pleased to introduce
 Chairs and Skyscrapers, set up by Rich and Elaine Harris
 and run from their base in Leicester.  

With a love for all beautifully designed pieces-
whether they have a 'label' or not, Rich and Elaine set out 
to find the best furniture they can, 'from one of the most exciting
 and ground breaking eras in the history of design.'

 Through an admiration of some of the 20th Century's most
 iconic names in both architecture and furniture design-
 Juhl, Eames, Mies Van De Roher and Breuer,
 the name company name was born. 
These greats were designers... of chairs and skyscrapers...    

T.D- Tell us a little about your background and what led you to set up Chairs and Skyscrapers.
C&S- 20+ years in IT, but I guess I was always a frustrated designer or architect! I got the chance to get out and took the plunge...

T.D- Where do you source your products and do you have a particular item that you're always drawn to?
C&S- Mostly the UK, although I do occasionally travel further afield and from anywhere really. My wife Elaine loves a good car boot, but we don't seem to get the time these days! I don't really have a particular item that I'm drawn to...although I do love the moment I've got a thing for Folke Palsson J77 stick-backs.

T.D- Which mid-century designer do you love most and why?
C&S- Probably Finn Juhl-he turned joining bits of wood together into an art form!

T.D- Do you have a favourite period of Mid-Century design that stands out from the rest?
C&S- I guess the fifties is the decade. The idea of form and function, taking ideas from the pre-war Bauhaus and the idea of bringing design to the masses...exciting times. In realistic terms though, I like what I like and don't get too hung up about when or where it came from.

T.D- What has been the most popular theme or individual piece since you started trading?
C&S- That's a good question...and I'm not really sure I know the answer! I've had pieces that I could have sold ten times over, but there's been no real pattern. That's what I love about never really know.

T.D- Which Mid-Century read do you think no home should be without?
C&S- We've got loads of books and Elaine fills the house with magazines, but I can't say I particularly have a depends on my mood or what I'm doing at the time. I get influences from all over the place, but books are just one part.

T.D- Name 3 designers, past or present, who you'd like to invite back for dinner...
C&S- My house is a semi-building site at the moment, so dinner parties are definitely out...maybe we could go for a coffee! Finn Juhl for being Finn Juhl...and possibly Eric Lyons...I  think that whole period of bringing modern design to the masses is quite interesting...I'd probably run out of things to say though! I'll have to think of a third guest...

T.D- What has been your biggest challenge?
C&S- Selling vintage furniture is about knowledge and to a certain degree, having an eye, but it's also about being in the right place at the right that's a challenge!

T.D- What is your greatest passion or achievement in life and work?
C&S- As you get older, I think you look for the simpler things. I don't think I'm going to make that million, so I'll sell my furniture, play a bit of golf and try to see more of my family and friends. I'm not sure what order to put those in!

T.D- Give us just three words that your family and friends would say summed you up best!
C&S- I'm not sure...I guess it depends on who you're asking. One would definitely be indecisive...I think!

Thank you for the interview Chairs and Skyscrapers.

Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Styling Details.....

Eggs and Beans Anyone?...

Gabriel was very intrigued by the quails' eggs 
at the farm shop and asked if we could make some cakes with them..
mmmm...interesting. Anyway, before we do something with them (boiling!),
 I thought a few photos first would be nice! 

A vintage letterpress holder very kindly given to me
 by my mum's neighbour-thank you Tricia!

The vintage tin trunk came from my Grandparents' loft
 and inside is a copy of The Daily Express from June 1959!