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When I first discovered Instagram, I was instantly hooked-addicted even. I've since trained myself to limit snatches of the immense global talent out there to twice, okay maybe three or four, times a day! What's so completely engaging about it, apart from the visual imagery, is the self-tailored community you become a part of. Like minded people from all over the world who produce pictures with a common link to your own; pictures you love or simply pictures you just wish you'd made yourself! Which brings me to today's post.

If you haven't seen this lady's stunning work on-line or in print already, I'd love to introduce you to the hugely talented German photographer and stylist, Christine Bauer. Yes, not only can she take the most beautiful shots, but style them too-this is one seriously inspiring woman.

Tell us a little about yourself Christine:

'For 15 years I have worked as a stylist until I decided to switch sides to stand behind the camera. Now I am working for 12 years as a photographer and it was the best decision I ever made! It's helpful to have that styling background, I realised this many times.
I am living in Munich in a quiet 73 qm flat with white wooden floors, old windows and a big tree in front of my living room. I am working mostly for magazines and do a lot of home stories, which I shoot in advance and sell all over the world. The second part is still life photography and I love to do flowers and decoration. This and next year I am working on my first book, it's about Munich interiors, so I am running around to look for lovely locations and shoot and shoot and shoot.

In Winter I am more working on my desk, doing retouching of endless Summer shootings. I got addicted to Instagram, for me it's a new way to communicate with people with the same passion and style and since then I stopped looking at blogs. Not at any time before I thought that I would ever share my private life with other unknown people, show my home or share my sadness regarding losing my lovely dog Luna...but I got so many loving and supporting mails and comments, I was really touched and it definitely helped me a great deal. There are so many people in this world (seems like 80% of them are in Australia!) who feel a need for beauty and to express themselves through a picture, or enjoy what other people see in their countries. This is so gorgeous and inspiring!
I also got inspired by my daily life, by simply opening up my eyes, being aware of what's happening around me. I always was a detail person-instagramers appreciate this which is lovely.'

I'm eagerly awaiting Christine's book and will review it here as soon as it is published. We hope to work together on a little project over here in the UK soon, fingers crossed! For more inspiring pictures, enjoy Christine's beautiful Instagram stream and portfolio.

Thank you so much for such a heartfelt post Christine. It has been a pleasure getting to know you in this quite amazing world wide web!!

Living At Home


Christine's DIY lamps and Llamas Valley

Living & More

Landlust and Llamas Valley

Llamas Valley

Llamas Valley

            christine bauer on instagram


  1. I have been following Christine's IG feed now for quite some while and really do like her day to day and quite some moody pictures. I had not seen so far any commercial work and are surprised by the use of light in here. They are wonderful and you can clearly see the stylist in her! I am wishing her better days to come after the loss of Luna and I hope we can give her some support by following her along! xx

    1. I cna't believe someone can be SO good at two jobs as Christine! Just amazing xx

    2. Oh my....such beautiful words of the two of you!!!!! Thanks so much, this is so lovely and makes me smile and happy. Something I do really need after the loss of Luna - I will write Gudy as well. Caroline, I cross all my fingers and toes and whatever I find for your and our book project!! :-)

  2. Oh my goodness me, Christine's pictures are just divine. Thanks for the intro, hun! x

  3. You're so welcome lovely. Glad you like them xx

  4. Very talented lady. Thank you for the introduction. I can see why Christine likes IG but for me personally it will never replace blogs!
    Will follow now xx

    1. Ha! Yes-still a bit addicted to them myself. And not surprising hearing that from a supreme wordsmith such as yourself ;-) xx

  5. WOW understand why you love her work so much - FAB. Have a great day Caroline xxx

  6. oh my! Most fabulous indeed! I'm always looking for good instagramer's to follow - many many thanks for the introduction.

  7. i'm on instagram, but haven't had time to explore it. thanks for the introduction - her photos are amazing. joy to you, n.


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