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Joules bedlinen range, brand new for 2012

For my final post in the Bedeck Bedlinen Launch series, I'm pleased to feature the first ever bedlinen range from Joules.

It's almost impossible to believe that Tom Joule started selling his own range of clothing under the Joules brand name just 12 years ago. That's not to say the company appeared like a bolt out of the blue, but as the result of 20 highly successful years selling branded goods and country wear at equestrian events. Working with his father, their highly effective retail merchandising and advice given to their customers gave him the boost he needed to branch out with his own line of clothing.

Fast forward to 2012 and Jules' first ever bed and bathware collection...

Behind the scenes press show shots at The Swiss Church:

Deckchair Stripe

Piggy Cat Farm

Coastal Birds

English Garden



Joules stockist number: 0845 250 7160

Bedeck stockist number: 0845 603 0861


  1. Even though you won't find too much colour in my home I enjoy buying colourful bedlinen for my sister who LOVES vibrant colours and I'll undoubtedly be checking out Joules for inspiration very soon.

  2. Snap Toni-always nice to see what's out there-bit tempted for the kids tho! Have a great weekend! :-)

  3. Beautiful fabrics. So colorful!
    I like it!
    Have a nice weekend,

    1. hanks so much for stopping by Yvonne. ave a great weekend too-I'm sure it will be far sunnier than here :-)

  4. As Colourliving, I'm going to have to invest in sunglasses to come here to your site. Wousa!!!

    Well, err, very colourful.
    No, seriously, great!.

    Have a good weekend my love x

    1. Erm-yes, its been a seriously colourful few days hasn't it!! I feel the need to pare down with some simple styling shots for the next few posts!!! Yipee, the sun just poked out! Better do my BYW homework tonight!xx

  5. Hey Caroline,

    This range is gorgeous so vibrant LOVE it. The vintage suitcases look good, we just had a couple on a renovating show here called The Block make these into draws on shelving and it looked great.

    1. Hi Cathererine!! So pleased to see you on BYW-just saw your message there too-will reply later! That feature sounds amazing-our shows aren't quite that creative-so far...! See you in the BYW mailbox later. Enjoy rest of wkend! x

  6. Those towels are fantastic! They are so unique, and great colors. I also love all the colorful florals!

    Hope you're enjoying the weekend!


    1. Thanks for commenting as always Amberly!I'm very tempeted for the kids' rooms-the collection looks very stunning in real life, though I have to say my own bedding is always of the neutral variety!! Just had a peep of sunshine-so making most of it. hope you enjoy the weekend too!x

  7. Thanks for sharing Caroline! I'm super particular about bedding and prefer the plain variety myself, though I like simple detailing. These rangesa are all a bit too 'present' for me : )


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