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The Cloth House London 

The Cloth House at 47 and 98 Berwick Street
 has become a London Institution for designers and crafters alike.
 Set up in 1984, I first paid them a visit whilst
 at University and hadn't been back until this Summer.

Both shops are a veritable Alladin's Cave of all things 'cloth,' 
 with their buyers travelling the world to source
 individual and unique collections. The company works as closely
 as possible with local traders and craftsmen 
to keep traditional skills alive. 
They stock the largest variety of jersey 
and felt in the UK, as well as lace,
 trimmings, and vintage buttons to name but a few.

If you can't make it to London to see them for yourself,
 check their website for mail order and contact details


  1. Oh this shop looks fantastic! ribbons and twine and lovely things. Definetely one Id love to visit someday...gosh i miss London! its been SO long since ive visited!

    1. Hi Anastasia! I've just written a rather long comment on your blog!!! Lovely to hear from you. The shop is lovely-make sure you pop in when you next come over! :-)

  2. This looks like such a fantastic shop, I've got to go and visit next time in town!

    1. Hi Niki-yes it's great! Thanks a million for stopping by :-)

  3. Oh, I love all your pictures, it looks such a treasure hunting spot! And a good reason to visit London soon (and have a coffee with you!).Hugs, Gudy

  4. OMG Caroline - I lived in London for 11 years, and never even went (guess partying rather than crafting was my thang back then ha ha) MUST dash there when I'm over next (9 more days to go YAY)
    Brilliant and thanks for sharing sweets,

    1. Do go there sweety-it's really near to Liberty!! and have a fantastic time when you're over :-)xx

  5. Oh the Cloth House - it is such a treasure trove! Fond memories of buying WHOLE rolls of some crazy reflective fabric for a client project (with the tiny silver bits that were left over I made my self a crazy dress that lit up like a traffic cone in times)


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