Inspired by...

Simple things...

Just a few shots of everyday things,
 from tools and string , to leaves and packaging...
 I love simple things like interesting
 swing tickets and packaging-
there's a little pile of them growing at
 my desk and on the floor!

Time to tidy it all up ready for Christmas 
and give everyone the chance to 
walk where they like without tripping over
my bits and bobs! 

Have a lovely week
getting ready for the holidays x

A detail from my garage shoot in the Summer

And a quick behind the scenes shot of the mess that lay on our floor for at least 4 weeks!!


  1. I love how you see the beauty in things and present it so that we can all too. Gorgeous round up. Happy clearing and Have a lovely week Caroline. M x

    1. Thank you so much lovely Mel. Have a great week too! Xx

  2. I've been clearing up and throwing out. I just did a charity shop hard but so necessary! I bet you wrap your Christmas presents beautifully Caroline. the displays above are beautiful. Catherine xx

    1. Thank you Catherine! And I wish I did wrap my presents beautifully, but every year is a last minute rush job I'm afraid to say (I'd give myself a 5 out of 10-just!!) x

  3. Caroline, this reminds me of my home - stuff I love piled everywhere (I just don't know how to photograph it as you do!). I had a good clean-out yesterday after sending off a design for a little girl's nursery, it felt good to clear the decks for new things... Will you be be treating us to some Christmassy pictures soon?

    1. Oh good-I'm so glad I'm not the only one lovely!!!! I took a few vaguely xmassy shots yesterday and I'll try and do some more today!! xx

  4. Lovely jubly.... am loving your Christmas ones on Instagram too:) xx


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