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One Year Old!....

This month my little  blog is officially 1 year old!
  I wanted to say a huge thank you to all of you who
 come back week after week and especially to my readers and friends
 who take the time to leave such lovely comments
 when there are millions of other blogs out there.
 I really do appreciate it.

 Thanks a million to the very lovely Margerita of Chocolate Creative and
 the star-in-the-making, Igor of Happy Interior blog,
 who both featured me on their blogs during the past year.
 I was hugely honored and thrilled to be asked-
thank you SO much to both of you-I owe you!

And lastly, thank you to the generations past
 who have provided the wonderful everyday items that have inspired
 so many of my posts, not least today's pictures.
 My Mum regularly helps drive old people
 from her town to the Doctors or the shops and as a thank you,
 one of the ladies left her sewing box from 1886 to her.
 It wasn't until last weekend that I realized
 anything was in there. It's very special-come and see.
 I'd love to know what you think! 

Thank you so much for sticking with me
 and I hope you continue to
 enjoy my little every day shots for the next year to come... x

Tatting is handmade knotted lace traditionally used as decorative collars in the 1800s.

Second from left is a ribbon threader, then a crochet hook,
 but if anyone knows what the other pieces are, I'd love to know!


  1. Oh Caroline I would have loved to have seen your face when you found that discovery. How special and perfect! Sorry I can't help you with what the tools are... What a lovely mum you have also:) x

    1. Beside myself Mel! Mum just didn't get it at all! xx

  2. Oh, what wonderful vintage stuff!

  3. How beautiful! My lovely husband bought me an old wooden sewing box to use for my flowering bits n bobs - the kind with the open out layers. It's so lovely and it also had some great contents. Mainly darning wool in soft greys. Really from another time...

    1. Oh yes-I found one of those last month and absolutely love it! Real gems arent they!

  4. Happy blogBday Caroline... I love visiting here your styling games... So inspiring in perfect imperfection <3 thanks and hope seing you soon !
    Hugs from Provence
    L A U

    1. Thank you SO much lovely Lau :-) I hope we meet one day too! XX

  5. Happy blog birthday! You've acheived so much in a year. Thank you for all the inspiration :) / Niki

    1. Niki-thank you so much for your lovely comment-really kind! :-)

  6. Just HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Caroline. So happy to have met you and got to know your little-big blog! xoxo

  7. The tool on the left is a rag-rug hook for use on hessian and the right hand tool is also a rag-rug hook for use on woven canvas. They could also be used in upholstery. I need to have a good look at the other needles :-)

  8. Congrats lovely lady - you rock and so does your blog. Look forward to seeing you and more of you on the blog -. YAY.

  9. thank you for your nice comment I love your pictures and your wonderful blog

  10. Congratulations Caroline! Beautiful pictures as always. Hope to catch up soon. x

  11. Wow! Can't believe it's been a year for you already! How time flies. I love how you keep creating and styling. This place is personal and wonderful.

    (so sad I didn't get a chance to speak to you at MTB, I am looking at coming in on the 23rd. Hope to see you then! :)

  12. hmm... seems my comment disappeared... sorry.

    Can't believe it's been a year already. Love coming here! It is personal, creative warm and you keep creating which I love. I always wished I had both the courage and the talent, and you do!

    (Hope to see you on the 23rd!)

  13. Happy Blog Birthday to your blog Caroline. Look forward to what you have for us in the next twelve months. It must have felt like Christmas when your Mum handed you the sewing box, priceless!

  14. Happy belated first blog birthday and what a wonderful vintage discovery. X

  15. Ha, I remember the first time we met when you went on about how you can't photograph, can't do this and can't do that.... for someone who obviously is so talentless:-)) you've done EXTREMELY well.

    Happy 1st Blog Birthday love... it's always a pleasure to stop by here and see your very talented styling! Well done on your YOU magazine feature and all the success you've had so far. xx

  16. What a wonderful, magic find! And what a touching story behind it, too. Happy happy birthday to your blog!


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