new designs from lisa levis (nee stickley)...

Lisa Levis is, as they say,
 the artist formerly known as Lisa Stickley.
 Her renowned screen printing company was actually
 founded in her father's garage back in 1999
 and Lisa quickly established herself as
 a highly successful and recognizable brand.

 After an unsuccessful buy-out attempt and
 tumultous time in the board room,
 Lisa has moved onwards and upwards,
 re-branding herself with not one, but two companies no less;  

Here are a few shots I took of 
a couple of her new designs ,which you can see on
 her blog here and on her website here.
 Oh and the gorgeous little lady is Beatrice!

Thank you Beatrice! xx

caroline davis stylist, trend daily blog, styling details, plants

caroline davis stylist, trend daily blog, styling details, plants

caroline davis stylist, trend daily blog, styling details, plants

There's also an excellent post about Lisa from last year on the Ellie Tennant blog.


  1. Such lovely snaps, Caroline! I love the styling, too, especially the first shot. It's hard to make shots with humans in look natural but this totally does. xx

  2. Oh, I had no idea of Lisa's recent story... of course I used to buy lots of her stuff... well, you know what they say: 'what doesn't kill you makes you stronger'

    I wish her Luck with her new brands.

    Caroline, these are gorgeous... Of course, hugely helped by the adorable Beatrice xx

  3. Beautiful shots Caroline! So fresh and innocent. Want the bag AND tea towel
    Toni x

  4. Gorgeous prints, gorgeous model and gorgeous styling Caroline! I just checked out Lisa's site and she has some really lovely designs. Enjoy your day sweet! Mel x

  5. Isn't Beatrice gorgeous! Love that the bag matches her skirt, what a sweetie and what a talented mother she has :) x

  6. Pretty images as always Caroline and what a sweet little girl in the photo. Will take a look at her site now. Happy weekend Caroline xx

    1. Thanks Geraldine! Hope you've had a great weekend and week too-we're just back from camping-shattered! xx


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