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advent calendar day 5...

advent calendar day 5, caroline davis stylist, trend daily blog, styling details

Only 20 more sleeps to go!
 Or just 19 for mainland Europe and our children too,
 as we celebrate on Christmas Eve!
 Where has this year gone-
I swear time moves faster and faster as each year goes by...

I'm going to try my hardes to post a little pic every day-
each one with somethingt  that has appeared on my blog during 2013.
 The ones that should have been thrown away long ago...
 Happy 5th December! x


  1. I like this series a lot, Caroline, one pic a day is so cool! Keep them coming, lovely style! xx

    1. Thanks so much Gudy! Just finished the final batch! May plan it a little better next time-I'm 'miss last'!! xx

  2. Just gorgeous lovely! Can't wait to see more. Tonix

    1. Thanks hon-phew-bit of a laast minute kinda thing!! See you soon! xx


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