Saturday, 31 March 2012

Variation on a Theme

Spring Blooms Part 1.

 Welcome to Spring and what has been an incredible week!
 My latest Variation on a Theme page is the first in a set of three, all based on Spring Flowers. Today I'm focusing on pink-enjoy!

Spring has to be my most favourite time of year and it's been a lovely week taking these snapshots.
Keep an eye out for part 2 over the next few days. Meanwhile, I hope you have enjoyed part 1!

Saturday, 24 March 2012

Fired Earth-Launch!

The Paint Collection, Fired Earth...

Yesterday I got back from the school run to find this lovely package from Fired Earth on my doorstep. The Paint Collection is their brand new range of simply stunning colours, with wonderfully quirky names such as Hustle at 5pm, Mrs. Booth and Tempest.  Out now, they retail at £36.50 for 2.5 litres of Super Emulsion (0845 366 0400 for your nearest stockist).

I haven't had time to incorporate any of these wonderful colours in moodboards yet, so I thought I'd take a few snaps of the lovely bottles as a taster. Hope you like them!

Wednesday, 21 March 2012


Variation on a Theme...Pink and Blue.

Today's moodboards are based on two colours-pink and blue. I was given a fabulous set of Pantone postcards at Christmas and have been looking forward to incorporating them on my blog...

Focal Black & White effect.

                                                                Holga-ish effect

60's effect.

Filtered Black & White effect.

Paint chips from Farrow & Ball; Pantone colour postcards by Chronicle Books; Japanese paper washi tape from a selection at the The V&A Museum Shop; Mini bulldog clips by East of India; background painted in Lamp Room Gray, Farrow & Ball; 1x2 Tear sheet from December '11 edition Schoener Wohnen magazine; Tribal tear sheet from the March '12 edition Red magazine; Vintage Spanish postcard and a hint of pink provided by a Post-It note!

Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Styling Details

Instagram Love...

Today I've been trying out Instagram and Picasa effects on pictures taken around the house with my phone. Both are completely new to me, so it was a fun experiment.

Like every other stylist, I have a huge number of books and magazines all over the place. They not only fill shelves, but make displays in themselves and I get regularly laughed at when I'm having one of my 'styling' moments!

I recently tore out some tear sheets from my magazine collection dating back to the 80's thinking it would make more space in my tiny office-I now have a very large and unglamorous collection of lever arch files (I didn't shoot those)!

Monday, 12 March 2012


Variation on a theme...Kevin Mc.Cloud paints for Fired Earth.

Today's variation a theme moodboards showcase the Mid-Century range by Kevin Mc.Cloud for Fired Earth.

Last week a great friend of ours came over from Amsterdam and amongst the huge stack of magazines he very sweetly brought over for me was 101 woonideeen. The beautiful tear sheet below is from their March issue.

Background painted in Indian Yellow; 3 swatch colour card, featuring South Bank, Race Yellow and Festival Orange, all from the Mid-Century colour range, by Fired Earth.
Pompom wallpaper by Sanderson; Leonard fabric, Sandberg.

Tuesday, 6 March 2012


Variation on a theme... Sue Mundy Ceramics

For my 'Variation on a theme' feature I will be producing a range of very simple moodboards based on a singular theme and colour. Ranging from packaging and flora to graphics and crafts-it could be anything that takes my eye to make a simple colour story. For all my fantastic photographer blogger mates, please forgive my rather feeble first attempts with my DSLR-we haven't quite gelled yet, but we all need to start somewhere!

Just before Christmas I attended a wonderful charity shopping evening in my village. Apart from a lovely start to the festive season, it was a great chance to catch up with old friends and discover some local creative designers. A couple of them caught my eye and today I'm featuring a small selection of handmade spoons from ceramicist  Sue Mundy.

Sue produces a diverse range of organic objects from her studio in Berkshire, taking inspiration from natural forms and textures, which she is able to highlight in her pieces with a clever combination of clays. Take a look at Sue's website for a taster of her work.

Ingredients for todays boards are:
Sue's ceramic spoons, vintage postcards from my Dad's box of collectibles, blue baker's twine from Liberty and a tester pot of Carbon Blue by Fired Earth.

Friday, 2 March 2012

Scion Fabrics and Wallpapers- Launch!

On Wednesday I had the pleasure of attending the fabulous launch of brand new British fabric and wallpaper brand, Scion and what a treat it was! For it's first venture into the UK market, the very talented design team behind the brand has created the Melinki collection of prints, weaves and wallpapers in a simply stunning colour palette that will appeal to their 'trend-savvy and fashion-aware customer.'

The official dictionary term for Scion is 'a young shoot or twig' or 'descendant of a notable family,' making it a wholly appropriate name for the latest offshoot from the luxury interior furnishings group, Walker Greenbank. This hugely successful and highly influential company encompasses some of the most respected brands in the market-William Morris & Co; Zoffany; Harlequin and Sanderson.

Commited to sustainability and care of the environment, Scion is set to make a big impression when it enters Heals and John Lewis in April 2012. Beautifully produced and yet keenly priced, with prices starting at £25 per metre for 100% cotton prints and £30 per roll for non-woven wallcoverings, the Melinki range will undoubtedly be a huge success and deservedly so!

A few snaps of the show at Greys Music Rooms.

If you like any of the furniture and accessories featured in the show and photography, take a look at the following sites: Chairs + Skyscrapers; Heals; Liam Treanor; Roobarb and Ercol.