Variation on a Theme...Pink and Blue.

Today's moodboards are based on two colours-pink and blue. I was given a fabulous set of Pantone postcards at Christmas and have been looking forward to incorporating them on my blog...

Focal Black & White effect.

                                                                Holga-ish effect

60's effect.

Filtered Black & White effect.

Paint chips from Farrow & Ball; Pantone colour postcards by Chronicle Books; Japanese paper washi tape from a selection at the The V&A Museum Shop; Mini bulldog clips by East of India; background painted in Lamp Room Gray, Farrow & Ball; 1x2 Tear sheet from December '11 edition Schoener Wohnen magazine; Tribal tear sheet from the March '12 edition Red magazine; Vintage Spanish postcard and a hint of pink provided by a Post-It note!


  1. Hi Caroline, thanks for stopping by my blog and thanks for the compliment. The house is still a work in progress, but I would love to do something if you're really interested - just let me know!
    I love the Pantone cards - I'm sure that I've seen mugs with the colours and graphics on the side which look really cool, but typically I can't remember where. My house is littered with Farrow & Ball colour cards, and I am continually picking new ones up - I just love seeing the little oblong colours side by side - it's an addiction. The subtle pink and deep, deep blues on your mood board are an amazing combination. Love how it looks just as good in black and white - it really brings out the textures - the dark colours become like velvet.

    1. Thank you! Ok-keep me posted with your house and send over a few more photos-as and when you're By the way-I just got the brand new Fired Earth paint card through today-some amazing colours, so keep an eye out for it and of course I'll be using them for some more moodboards! :)

  2. Hi Caroline - love the colour combination and the blossom, it feels soft and velvety yet fresh. Look forward to seeing more!

  3. Thanks so much Nicola! Working on the new Fired Earth colours/ideas right now! Just checked out those amazing thermal jugs on your site and made a little macaroon comment! :)

  4. Your styling is really nice and these Pantone Postcards come in handy right? I have the Pantone swatchbooks for print and always wish they would be bigger.
    I like how you give us different exposures.

    Have a nice weekend. x

  5. Thanks Tina! Yes they're great-although annoyingly dont have the 2012 colour in there (2011 box) so I may try and get hold of that somehow! Enjoy all this glorious sunshine! Cx

  6. Caroline - more of my favourite colour combinations! I once saw a shoot in a magazine (when I was still a teen) with dark blue painted wooden floors - poppy seed blue they callled it. I know one today I will have a home with poppy seed blue floors...


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