Variation on a theme... Sue Mundy Ceramics

For my 'Variation on a theme' feature I will be producing a range of very simple moodboards based on a singular theme and colour. Ranging from packaging and flora to graphics and crafts-it could be anything that takes my eye to make a simple colour story. For all my fantastic photographer blogger mates, please forgive my rather feeble first attempts with my DSLR-we haven't quite gelled yet, but we all need to start somewhere!

Just before Christmas I attended a wonderful charity shopping evening in my village. Apart from a lovely start to the festive season, it was a great chance to catch up with old friends and discover some local creative designers. A couple of them caught my eye and today I'm featuring a small selection of handmade spoons from ceramicist  Sue Mundy.

Sue produces a diverse range of organic objects from her studio in Berkshire, taking inspiration from natural forms and textures, which she is able to highlight in her pieces with a clever combination of clays. Take a look at Sue's website for a taster of her work.

Ingredients for todays boards are:
Sue's ceramic spoons, vintage postcards from my Dad's box of collectibles, blue baker's twine from Liberty and a tester pot of Carbon Blue by Fired Earth.


  1. These spoons are adorable! And love how you have created the mood boards!

  2. Good to see you've started taking photographs for your blog - you're starting to 'gel' with your camera quite nicely I'd say!

    1. Thanks Ursula and Toni! It was a very hilarious process and took ages!!!

  3. Wow, what great photographs. Love the spoons and you make string look edible. Gorgeous.


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