A Colour Story...

Shades of Brown...

Welcome to the first in my new series on colour,
 where I will focus on various shades of one colour in each post.
 Also looking at texture and shape,
 the feel and style of the feature will vary from season to season
 in the nature shots, but inspiration will also come from
 packaging, stationery, objects, accessories...in whole, or in detail!

 Today's pictures are a combination of i-phone Instagram
 and my DSLR shots. I'm off to Sweden in the morning,
 so keep an eye out on my Instagram feed!
 I hope you like my new series
 and have a great weekend!

I-phone shot

I phone shot before filter

I-phone shot after filter

I-phone shot with filter


  1. Like all those neutral tones and enjoy Sweden, lucky you.

  2. Such a great idea Caroline - you've got such an eye for colour and texture. Love the last shot with the fabric measure tape against the pages, just lovely. That tape needs to stay on display! Have fun in stockholm, you are so lucky and I would truly love to be there to meet all of you wonderful fellow bloggers. M xox

    1. Thanks ever so much Mel! I'm planning to do lots more simple colour features like these, so it's great to get good feedback. Stockholm was great-next month it's London! xx


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