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HAPPY 2013!

Welcome to a New Year everyone!
 It's great to (very slowly) get back into work,
 the blog and Instagram!
I can't remember exactly when I took my first Instagram shot,
 but it's safe to say I have been more than hooked ever since.
 I feel just as guilty not updating my Instagram shots
 as I do blog posts- I love the fact that when
 the alarm goes off in the morning
 I can take a sneak peak at what my friends
 on the other side of the world
 have been up to that day-brilliant! (easily pleased)

Anyway, here are a few of my first shots of the New Year
with my old I-Phone-I hope you like them.
Thanks for all your support
 and I hope 2013 is
 a fantastic year for you all x


  1. Love your shots, especially the colours, Happy New Year! x

    1. Thank you Tracey! It was great to just take a few phone pictures over the holidays. See you soon I hope! x

  2. Happy New Year Caroline! I love the little salt cellar picture.

  3. Oh I love that blue you took some of the photos on - is it an old door? Lovely photos Caroline, good to have you back:) M x

    1. Hi Mel! Jon found this old army box at a flea market just before Christmas. It's been sitting in the garage, but I've now brought it into the living room as a coffee table! x

  4. Replies
    1. And to you too and thanks so much for stopping by! I loved the pictures in your last post :-)

  5. Beautiful images. The weights remind me of the one my mum uses when she makes her yummy cakes.

  6. I could murder some salad leaves now:-)

    Happy New Year love and massive congratulations on your great spreads in the Sunday Mail You magazine xx

  7. Great photos! I just love the images with the bright green leaves showing up in the background. Have a great weekend lovely xx


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