A visit to....The Conran Shop, Marylebone

The Conran Shop...

For those of you who are out of 'town' or even out of the country, 
when you are next in Marylebone,
 the recently redesigned Conran Shop is a must-see. 

First opened in Marylebone High Street in 1997,
The Conran Shop played a leading role in the rejuvenation 
of an area in central London that has now become
 a hub for independent retailers, cafes and restaurants.  

The latest addition to the store is a stunning,
 light-drenched rooftop apartment,
 featuring an eclectic mix of original art,
 vintage finds and unique collectibles,
 all displayed in inspiring roomsets with 
the panache you'd expect from the Conran team.
 There is even a fully working kitchen area,
 ready for press shows and special events.

More of a lifestyle store, than just a shop,
 you will also find a children's shop, lighting,
 textiles, gifts, e-tech, music, fragrances, candles,
 a flower stall and a simple, but stylish cafe.

The shop now truly has the feel of 
a mini department store, engaging the shopper
 with a visual feast of beautifully curated pieces.
 Can I move in please?! 

Have you ever seen feather dusters and utility room products diplayed so artistically?!
Fresh sandwiches and ground coffee at The Conran Kitchen on the ground floor

 All photography Paul Raeside

The Conran Shop Marylebone
55 Marylebone High Street


  1. Hi lovely Caroline :)
    When can I move in!! Looks amazing - I adore the Conran shop, I used to live close to the one on the Kings Rd, - FAB universe.
    Happy day my sweet, hope you are well,

    1. Hi gorgeous! Yes, fabulous-you did live in a very swanky place! Happy week lovely xx

  2. WOW!!! The shop looks stunning! I love the styling and all the products. This looks like a shopping trap to me:-) Great! Have a fab day, Caroline!

    1. Thanks so much for popping in Igor-you're one of the best travelled people I know! Happy Wednesday! :-)

  3. Just missed it! Anyhow, I didn't have too much time in London but made it to the House of Hackney which is just wonderful. But you've been there too already, right? IG at least was telling so :-) xx

    1. Ah-I was in Hackney last week Gudy-yes! SOmetimes I spend so long on IG, I forget to check out blogs! xx

  4. Well Caroline, I think I've already moved in - my favourite shopping place :) x

    1. think we'd all be happy campers there Geraldine! xx

  5. You'll have to make room for a house mate if you do! There are so many things in that shop that I want; the nest tables, the tripod lamp, the oversized bench... actually I'll take everything. I really need to get myself back to London soon! Mel x

  6. I was in Marylebone on the day of the event but ended up having a longgggg lunch with Nicola so we never made it there. I still haven't managed to go and visit.

    Personally I think the refurb is great but a little safe! They could have really innovated here. I bet if Terence was still fully involved it might have been different. Anyway it looks like a huge improvement on what it was before and I'll be more able to comment once I visited.

    Thanks lovely xx

  7. Great pictures and great post - the new Conran Shop is definitely a Marylebone must visit! Have you had a chance to have something to eat or have a coffee in the Conran Kitchen that has opened at the back yet?

    1. Thanks so much for stopping by Alex. Yes, I thought the cafe was a great stop off. Marylebone is such a great area!


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