Behind The Scenes...

Another studio desk in my home...

We're just back from a lovely week in Devon,
 where we were lucky enough (very lucky in fact) to catch a few
 of the handful of warm and sunny days they've had all Summer.
 It was a week without internet and TV,
 so plenty of time for creative ideas-more of which in a later post...

I was hoping to do another post before I left,
 but just ran out of time. I did, however, take plenty of shots
 of my desk-just as it is-no cleaning up, no styling
-a simple behind the scenes sneak peak.

 For some reason, I like having a lot of tables around the house
 and lucky enough to have the space for them.
 This table is actually an old door bought for £20 at a
 reclamation yard and mounted on wrought iron legs
 given to me over 20 years ago by my lovely friend Colette 
when we both worked in the Debenhams buying office in London.
 (One of the fabulous perks of working in a buying office is sample sales!)

The table is in the family room which gets
 the best of the morning light, so this is the first desk of the day to get 'trashed',
 quickly followed by the little study upstairs!
 I picked as many flowers as I could before we went away,
 just to catch them before Summer ends 
(not sure when it actually started and I'm really not ready for all this talk of Autumn!). 

There were also a few odd bits and pieces
 which I'll post about in part 2.
 Some of the pictures will be on my Instagram stream, 
along with some shots from Devon if you'd like to see.
Have a great weekend!


  1. Hi Caroline,

    I stumbled across your blog because of you beautiful snapshots from Devon on Instagram where I instantly recognized Newton Ferrers. I like your blog, too.



    1. Hi Isabelle! Thank you so much! I can't believe I caught your Mum's childhood home on camera and you saw it! We had a very wonderful week there. Thanks so much for stopping by and commenting and lovely to 'meet' you! Caroline :-)x

  2. Caroline, such a lovely capture of the sunshine and those blooms - it makes me long for sunshine again, starting to feel like Autumn now and that back to school feeling.....

    1. Hi Geraldine! Thank you! Yes-we were so lucky to have sun this week on holiday-not nearly enough this year. I suddenly feel the first flushes of Autumn too-it's just come around too soon. Have a great weekend! :-)

  3. Welcome back! The desk is magnificent, and your pictures too!

  4. Love this Caroline, and the images are fab.
    Happy Monday

  5. Thanks a million sweetie-have a great week! Xx

  6. Oh Caroline, your desk space is so beautiful (and I very much covet your gorgeous desk)! I am so glad I stumbled across your beautiful blog… now following along!

  7. That's so lovely of you Meghan-thank you so much and thanks a million for stopping by! :-)


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