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A visit to... Gudrun Sjoden, London

I try and take as many Instagram shots
 as I can when I'm out and about-whether it's for work or trips with the kids.
 Today's Instagram story features a visit to London store Gudrun Sjoden.

When I was last in London for a few press shows,
 I popped into the brand new store of cult Swedish designer
 Gudrun Sjoden in Monmouth Street. Opened in March of this year,
 Gudrun's shop is in complete contrast to many
 of our ideas of clean, simple, monotone Scandinavian design.
 The store is truly reminiscent of the classic Swedish look, 
awash with bold and bright florals and graphics,
 with a distinct folklore feel throughout the
 fashion and home textiles departments.

The company was established in 1976
 and works to a strong environmental ethos.
 Eco-jersey from Greece, strict rules on the use of chemicals,
 reduced plastic and packaging and shipping by sea rather than air
 all contribute to a conscious move towards
 greener production. Involved in world-wide eco projects,
 Gudrun sees the company as a producer
 'hard wearing clothes in timeless designs that can be worn until they wear out.'

The store merchandising is as inspiring as
 the designs themselves, with cameo sets dressed with 
vintage accessories and Scandinavian furniture.
 Great care and attention has been paid to the styling and finer details,
 so whether the bold designs are for you or not,
 it's certainly worth a look when you're next in town.

Visit the shop at 65-67 Monmouth Street, London WC2H.
 Tel: 0207 240 2211

    Gudrun at work producing beautiful textile designs in her studio

    A few pages from the home catalogue.

    Creative store merchandising.

    Framed textile designs, swatches and fashion sketches adorn the walls.


  1. Do we not know you like taking Instagram pics as much as possible???? When you do it completely takes over the whole stream:))

    This is great. Weirdly, I was walking through Monmouth Street yesterday evening on my way to the Apple Store in Covent Garden.

    I LOVE what I see so next time I'm there.... possibly this weekend, I shall pop in.

    Don't you love Monmouth Street???
    Happy weekend lovely.

  2. Oh yes-I do go a bit mad don't I! What a fab weekend for making the most of the outdoor cafe culture-enjoy sweetie!xx

  3. Hands up! I'm the monotone Scandinavian kind of girl but you know what? I'll go and check out Gudrun Sjoden next time I'm in the area!
    Hope to see u soon Toni xx :))

    1. Well I have to admit, so am I!! Sometimes good to get out of my comfort zone and explore something new! Yes, see you in Sept lovely xx


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