Behind The Scenes...

A Garage Shoot...

Last week I had exactly two hours to spare
 before collecting the kids from school.
 The weather was fantastic and Jon's little TR4
 was out of the garage, so I decided to invade
 and put together a make-shift studio! 

Nothing was planned-just bits and pieces I had lying
around and a quick trawl to the back of the neighbour's garden
(as usual) for the fern...

The bench, lamp and plant all came from the kitchen.

The distilling jar was £2.50 from the charity shop.

Jon painted a spare piece of MDF with blackboard paint for the kids-
they haven't had a chance to use it yet!

One of our 1970's (I think) charity shop chairs, vintage Sanderson cushion
and retro tangerine trim phone!

I bought this jacket last year and wear it most of the time-
it looked very at home hung on the garage wall.

Washi tape and fern.

Charity shop books, Grandad Gordon's Pentax.

The dried flower on the right can be seen in it's original
form from my earlier post-the first shot.

Practicing with blurry backgrounds-a christmas decoration
on top of the radio and the window behind.

The dried rose will feature in a later post...

One of the vintage postcards from Dad's loft box, 
which I originally featured here.

The postcard in the middle actually has an old grape stalk
that I found on the ground outside-
the kids no longer bat an eye-lid when I 
start picking up rubbish to photograph.

Needless to say, I had to clear out before Jon got back from work-
it is the only part of the house not overtaken
with my props...
It made a great little studio though, so next time the sun's out
I may try out a few more ideas just for fun. 
Hope you like them-a few extra 
shots made it to Instagram, which has become a bit of a testing 
ground for shots before they make the blog!


  1. I lurve your makeshift studio - it is well cool Caroline. Brilliant props - I am in love with the little house ornament and the distilling jar - can't find them anywhere here :)
    Happy week sweets,

    1. Sweetie-your gorgeous comments always make my day-thank you!! xxx

  2. Wow, Caroline. I could never come up with so many styling ideas in such a short space of time and with school run in the back of my mind. The photos are wonderful. You have made your hubby's garage look so stylish. I like the postcard flowers, the cool vintage jar and I never say no to Washi tape. Really cool - love visiting your site :)

    1. Geraldine-thanks a million for such a lovely comment! I work so much better to a tight deadline-down to a combination of being lazy and paralysed with fear of producing anything at all!! :-)

  3. Beautiful styling Caroline! Love the pentax, books and dice! Mel:)

    1. Thank you so much mel-and for stopping by! Have fun on the next round of BYW!

  4. Caroline, your styling is just have a gift. The garage is so light and the white walls are a perfect backdrop. Can't wait for the iphone 5 to go on sale so I can get my hands on one and start instagraming myself. Love the vintage bottle, what at find at that price.

    1. That's so lovely of you Catherine-thank you:-) I have to say I only have the 3GS which I got a few weeks ago second hand, so I ' rely looking forward to getting the latest next may when my contracts up. I think you can get instagram or similar for an android?? Anyway, thanks sweetie x

  5. You have used the space to an amazing effect! The work of a true professional nothing else to say really! :))

  6. Love the bench and the great contrast between the wood and the modern lamp. You are just so good at this and I am jealous of your white painted brick wall :)

    1. Thanks a million marianne! I loved shooting in there-will have to get jons car out of the way more often! ;-)

  7. Great last minute props and styling. Do I recognise the jacket? Yes I do! Berlin!!!
    Btw, I think you look great in it.

    Love that garage. Some really nice shots here lovely xx

    Caroline, I'm going to lots of events at LDF. But also have clients in town showing flats so can't commit at the mo. Am invited to Heart Home Mag on Monday night. Tue invited to Decode. Wed invite to private view of designjunction. Thur invited to BlogLDN showroom stuff and Fri I'll definietly do 100% Design. xx

    1. Ha! Well remembered clever lady you! How long ago does that feel now?! Next year I fancy Amsterdam...?! I'm going to check my diary to see what I can realistically do next week and let's hope we'll catch each other. I'll mail you as I've lost all my contacts-again. Have a fabulous weekend sweetie xx


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