Launch-Orla Kiely

Orla Kiely and Harlequin...

For the past two weeks, 
London has been the hub of creativity, 
starting with The London Design Festival
Focus/12 and Decorex, which both finish today.
Decorex and Focus were chosen
 as the launch pads for the signature collection 
and new collaboration between iconic designer

Orla's instantly recognizable style
 has become one of the 
leading brands in the UK since 
it was founded in 1995, depicting her 
love of pattern, colour and texture.
Originally available as bags 
and accessories, the label has quickly
 grown to incorporate ready-to-wear, 
homeware, furniture, 
travel accessories, stationery, fragrance
 and now wallpapers.

The collection features her 
distinctive graphic and stylized motifs, 
with strong links to the mid-century style.
 Comprizing fourteen existing designs,
 colouring and re-scaling have been
 adapted with wallpaper in mind, 
to produce a 
'fashion-led yet timeless wallpaper collection.'


  1. Hi Caroline, these wallpapers remind me of wallpaper we had in our home when I was young. You must have loved going around to all these design events, I know it's exhausting though. Wow 2012 has been a big year for London.

    1. Hiya! I think it's been the most amazing summer -one to remember!! Have a great weekend Catherine x

  2. Liking those Orla Kiely wallpaper - especially the floral light green and grey ones . They really go so well with that mid century modern look. Did you see her at Design junction when she was showcasing her home range? I simply had to show her the dress I had on that she designed for Uniqlo. She was lovely to talk to, very down to earth. Have a lovely weekend Caroline, looking forward to meeting you soon :) x

    1. That was great to have met her Geraldine! She wasn't on her stand when I stopped by unfortunately. Wasn't it a fantastic show! See you soon! X

  3. Darling, please don't be offended! I can't bear Orla Kiely stuff... I do not understand how she made it so big. A few borrowed patterns and an empire later....

    Nothing against the woman, I've met her and she is very nice but..... xx

  4. I love a good Orla Kiely bag (I have several in fact). The colourful stem wallpaper is my favourite. I have to say though - I can never find anything I like in her fashion stuff, so I'm with Tina on that one. And as you say Caroline - horses for courses. On recycling design - I'm not sure there are any NEW ideas, things are reworked and reinvented, given a new tint, colour and spin and in the process are re-freshed for a new generation. Orla tapped into the 'nostalgia' gene (as did Cath Kidston) - and has made an empire from it. I take my hat off to the lady for that.

    1. Totally agree Cari-Jane. It must be wonderful to find a niche that grows into something so huge and really just from a very simple initial idea. Sometimes I think small and simple is the best start to grow from-that's what I'm trying anyway!!!

  5. it's great to see that the scale and colour is being played with on these wallpapers. the very large rhododendron and stem designs are very striking.

    1. I agree-I love her work. Thanks so much for stopping by! :-)

  6. Such gorgeus and exciting wallpaper patterns!


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