I last saw my lovely friend Jeanette during a freezing,
 but wonderful weekend in Stockholm earlier this year.
 Jeanette is the inspiring talent behind By Fryd,
 the blog and stunning on-line magazine.

A trained graphic designer and natural stylist,
 Jeanette has built her well deserved reputation
 in the world of blogging and design
 and was awarded Interior talent of The Year 2012
 by Elle Decoration.

 She told me of a new collaboration with a great friend
 she had just made in her home town of Skien in Norway.
 Hilde Mork, also a trained graphic designer
 and author of her own lovely blog,
 now works alongside Jeanette in their
 stunning barn conversion, Studio By Fryd, 
working on a range of new and exciting projects together.

 The first results of this very special working
 and personal realtionship is HYSJ by Lunde & Mork;
 a stunning collection of 5 limited edition posters,
 all numbered and signed on re-cycled paper.

Huge congratulations to both Jeanette and Hilde
 on a fantastic to start to what will be a
 long, sucessful and happy collaboration!


  1. I agree that their work is just stunning, especially the true blue botanical print. Gorgeous, all of it! Have a lovely week, hun and hopefully see you on Thursday! xx

    1. They are brilliant, aren't they! See you Thursday lovely xx

  2. love them all...but the blue caught my eye and my heart too!

    1. I totally agree Cari-Jane-my favourite too. Thanks so much for stopping by!

  3. A lovely write up Caroline! If this is the beginning of their collaboration, I can't wait to see what they come up with. Beautiful work. Hope you're having a great start to the week. Mel x

  4. Yes absolutely beautiful, a collaboration made in heaven! All the work is just stunning.

  5. Thank you very much for your generous words! Summer + humble smiles, Hilde Mork

    1. It's my real pleasure-it's going to be wonderful to watch you both grow your business-it sounds too perfect over there! :-)

  6. Truly unique and beautiful!

    My favourite has to be the blue botanical print but I like the fact they are all a very limited edition. This makes it extra special and hugely desirable.

    I also like that all prints are shown unframed. I'm not a huge fan of frames so like to see the product in its raw state:-)
    A collaboration made for each other, those ones are the best!

    I wish them all the success they desire. Xx


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