the making of a moodboard....

I love moodboards and they have been 
an integral part of my Interior Design work.
  The past few years have involved style boards for clients
 who are mainly interested in seeing furniture, fixtures
 and fittings with a final, tight colour scheme-
anything from, taps, carpet swatches, paint and
 wallpaper combinations, tiles, sofas, chairs, beds....
 factual, simple, clearly laid out-a visual shopping list if you like.

 Great, but not my favourite thing (and by the way, I really
 admire the Interior Designers out there who brilliantly
 put these boards together on a daily basis). 
Since making the move (slowly, but surely!) back into styling,
 I've loved making more creative moodboards again.
 I have a huge collection of tear sheets
 from my favourite magazines over the years-
in a lot of lever arch files!
 I no longer have the space to store literally
 hundreds of magazines any more and I realized
 that those at the bottom were being hidden away for years,
 so much better to rip out my favourite sheets
 and keep them in a place where I can regularly flick
 through them for inspiration
 (ok, so I now also have a huge collection of files building up...!) 

I recently had to put together this moodboard
 for a design project and though I'd share it with you here. 
The brief was shape, texture
 (both natural and man-made),mainly tonal,
 but with pops of colour.
 The hardest part was cutting everything down
 to fit onto an A1 sheet-I probably could have filled it 3 times over,
 but I'm really happy with the end result
 and I hope my client is too.

 I love the combination of nature and man-made-
I found some wonderful seaweed shots and
 handmade ceramics with seaweed designs. 
Ceramics with contrasting textures
 and simple,but beautiful line drawings.
 Bringing in nature with plants, bark, branches
 and twigs, all highlighted with neon pops of
 pink, orange, yellow and turquoise.

I'm really looking forward to working on
 my next moodboard project-and sharing it with you.
I have some more work to focus on over the blog,
 so please be patient!
Meanwhile, I really hope you like my first moodboard here!


  1. LOVE it sweet Caroline (one of my favorite songs, did I mention that:-) Hope you are enjoying Summer lovely,

    1. Awww xx!Thanks a million lovely. ENjoy your Summer too, much love xx

  2. Very nice indeed...
    Your blog is looking great.

    Don't get me started on the 100's of magazines:-))

  3. Fabulous only you can do! I hadn't heard of mood boards before doing BYW and it was a revelation to get everything out of my head and onto a mood board.
    PS: I have the same magazine issues, I've been tending to throw more out lately. xx

  4. This looks SO good, hun! Oh, and I love that you 'read' Bolig, too - it's one of my faves! :) x

  5. Love love love! You're so wonderfully creative Caroline! The trillions of moves over the past few years has saved me from too many magazines... Thank god for pinterest! Mel x


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