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a weekend of flower craftiness...

Yet again, I have one of my lovely neighbours,
 Rachael to thank for these beautiful flowers
 that we picked together yesterday. 
The kids wanted to try pressing some 
and, of course, had to take a peak in between
 the pages even though they're not ready yet!
 That leaves us with plenty more time to decide
 what to do with them when they are!


  1. Beautiful photos and flowers! The textured white paper reflects the light perfectly. Is it watercolor paper?

    1. Thanks so much Lisa-and for taking time to comment! Yes, it is watercolour paper :-)

  2. Really nice photography :) I know how hard to can be to take these close ups.

  3. Such pretty flowers Caroline! Don't you just wish that you could stick them on the wall like that and leave them there? Lovely pressing book! Mel x p.s. it's good to see you back blogging regularly

  4. FAB I adore flowers. And Caroline - how stunning is your website and your work - FAB FAB FAB.
    Happy day sweetest friend,

  5. I remember pressing flowers as a child between the pages of dad's old books. There was lots of peeking as well, beautiful.

  6. So pretty and just like Catherine I used to press flowers when I was little, what a great memory. Now I'm totally addicted to growing my own flowers and taking cuttings for the house. Great pictures Caroline! x

  7. Beautiful flowers, such a lovely neighbour and pretty images as usual. xx


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