A visit to....

HomeBarn  for the JMP photography workshop...part 1

Last week, I was lucky enough to attend
 a one day photography workshop with Jay Mountford
 at my favourite vintage emporium, Home Barn.
Along with a bunch of great ladies, 
Jay introduced us to the notion of hiring a lens
-'try before you buy.'
Brilliant-thanks to Lens Fettish,
 we were all able to experiment with various lenses
 and camera models, finding out which ones 
suited our individual needs best.

As I've mentioned before, we got our Canon Eos 400D
just over 11 years ago and so great was my fear of using it, 
it stayed in its box until I sarted this little blog in March last year.
Its been a pure case of trial and error ever since,
 trying to teach myself along the way. 

For the first time since getting the camera, I finally feel 
more confident about using it. There are a few more things
 I'd love to try, especially movies with the kids and of course
 our model doesn't have that facility, 
so I'm now saving very hard for a Canon EOS 7D !!  

But for now-yipee, what a revelation!
 Apparently, shooting on AV (whatever that really means)
  is a big no-no,
 so Jay showed us the tricks of the trade
 and for the first time ever,
 I was able to take photos at the barn
 without a tripod and, shock, horror, in focus!
  I'm so pleased. 

Here is the first little batch for you to look at-
a few corners from the barn that appealed to me.
 Let me know what you think-
I like the American fabric swatch and 
little white horse with the vintage gas can.
 Any favourites for you?

I'll post the remaining shots soon.
 Have a great week everyone!


  1. I would have so loved to have been around to take this course - I've heard such great things, and your snaps prove it was full of great tips! Fantastic shots, hun. x

  2. You know, I often wing my photography ad although I shoot in M I'm forever panicking about how they will come out. I wonder whether the anxiety will ever go???

    I bought a EOS 60D about 2 years ago and am totally loving it. I can shoot Video but the EOS 7D is of course the ultimate toy! Let's safe up together...

    Great pics hun xx

    1. Thanks lovely! Yes, must save harder!!! Hope to catch you at LDF xx

  3. Wow Caroline these are great pictures!

  4. Hi Caroline your photos are great and enjoy looking at your close up shots

    1. Thanks so much for stopping by and taking time to comment Dharmesh!

  5. yup sounds great, I just experiment with mine but have just been brought the new canon, which is my birthday and christmas present for the next 20 years if not more!! but I really love it. Your shots are great lots of interesting bits and bobs.

    1. Fantastic Tracey- it will be such a good investment!

  6. Wowsers Caroline, I've always been impressed with your photos but these are something else. I truly see the improvement. I think the most appealing to me is the cricket and other balls, perfect composition. It's funny, when I read about The Home Barn, I feel like I know them well, they're so warm with their communications. What a great thing to do, a lesson is definitely on my list! Mel x

  7. FAB fab fab Caroline - you are getting ever so good , well done sweetie, and have a great weekend.



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