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London Design Festival 2013...


Despite being thrilled with my so-called new found photography skills in  my previous post, I appear to have forgotten everything I was taught overnight. I'm afraid my pictures from Design Junction were a wash out, so I resorted back to my phone for the opening day at Tent yesterday.

The good news, however, is that I finally pressed the video presentation button in Picasa and here's the result of the phone snaps I took! For a detailed schedule of events, hop over to the LDF website below.  Meanwhile, enjoy the mini movie! ( I will be adding captions and credits asap, so bear with me. If you see your own picture without a credit, get in touch)

This is the final weekend for this year's London Design Festival, which runs until the 22nd September.


  1. Oh that kind of thing always happens, especially with the stress of new techniques - how frustrating! Anyway I was happy to see your YouTube slide, clever thing! The knit cushions look gorgeous as does the flower? lamp. Have a great weekend Caroline! Mel x

  2. A wonderful video Caroline. I'm so sad it's all over. So little time to see everything at LDF. x


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