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Orla Kiely House Collection....

After a busy week on the London Design Trail,
 I wanted to share with you some striking retro shots
 that I actually came across during the London 2012 Design Festival.
 They feature the stunning designs from the
mid-century inspired 'Orla Kiely' House Range.

Orla turned her childhood obsession with patterns
 in nature to her earliest designs,
 relishing their ability to be turned into
 highly stylized, regimented pattern repeats.
 Her family home undoubtedly played
 the biggest influential factor in the designs she produces today,
 with her earliest memories stemming from their
 olive-green Formica cupboards and orange gloss ceilings!

I personally love Orla's use of colour
 and her formulaic pattern repeats of simple, graphic designs.
 She has created an immediately recognizable brand identity
 by finding her niche, and building up a portfolio of designs true to herself,
 her work never straying far from it's original formula.

 Her iconic imagery is being applied to
 an ever increasing range of interior accessories,
 including furniture, kitchen and tableware,
 bedlinen, soft furnishings, wallpaper and stationery,
 proving Britain's on-going love affair for all things mid century! 

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  1. I have been loving her patterns ever since I saw them for the first time (and I still cannot get sick of them ;-) Thank you for this selection!

  2. She certainly does have a recognisable brand, I knew some of the designs immediately. So lovely to read a little of the story behind the brand and to see more of the range. I really love the telephone table? at the end. Mel x

  3. I'm a big Orla fan too and I greatly admire the business she has built up.


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